How to fix dead keys on a yamaha keyboard

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How to fix dead keys on a yamaha keyboard

A few keys on my keyboard are not working anymore. How can i get those working again? Im using a PSR Thanks. Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Search This Site:. Click here to learn how to play keyboards and piano with Piano For All. Go here to buy a Yamaha keyboard. Sep 13, Rating Octave keys not working by: Anonymous Yamaha psr i d and Ab octave keys are stopped functioning suddenly.

What should I do. Pls suggest me. Sep 01, Rating Slap Technique Failed???? After unscrewing the top and removing condensation with a paper towel, we attempted the slap technique and the c and f keys still do not work properly I would appreciate any advice!

Regards, Scott. To fix is easy enough if you have the confidence with a screw driver. Take off the top cover and use an alcohol wipe to clean the keybd contacts by lightly wiping them. Without moving the keyboard from its stand, I gave it some slaps on the bottom and I was desperate, but just for two minutes :. Thank you for the quick solution. Jun 15, Rating Slapped the back by: Anonymous Had the f and g not working all octaves.Thanks for your post, it contains some very useful information.

I'm struggling with a Motif 8 because of sticking keys. My first advice to those who need to open a yamaha piano is to get an electrical rechargeable screwdriver.

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I've tried everything but the problem always comes back. I think the black plastic on the joints of the keybed and the keys is worn out just enough to allow the key to slant slightly and create enough friction to hold the key down. I'll try to get that grease. I'm cleaning and replacing some of the keys on my 2nd hand Clavinova. I contacted Yamaha and they recommended the V grease that you mentioned for the contact point between the hammer assembly and the key itself.

They also specified AAX for the end of the key. The V grease is about ten bucks. Do you know what these greases really are like molybdenum or white lithium?

And if so, can they be picked up at my local hardware store? I have the Yamaha CP, with a sticky middle B. Before I went for lubricating anything, I checked out the way your standard Y-frame supports the keyboard.

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It really does leave the middle vulnerable to downward warping. So I lifted the piano off the frame, and rigged up a full support across the Y using a length of industrial-grade Uline open-wire shelving, heavily padded. This mitigated the problem considerably. But of course it introduced another one, that of reducing the space under the keyboard for my knees.

Btw the underside of the CP is fiberboard. So folks, warping is to be expected. Pretty tacky build, to use such a non-rigid material in the one place nobody thinks to look before buying. It would just mean some cutting and drilling. Post a Comment. Update: A Yamaha rep has contacted me directly. Parts should be avail from repair shops - they should not be requiring customers to sell them only as part of a repair.

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If the keyboard works in Linux, keep reading. Once in Device Manager, find and expand the Keyboards section and double-click your internal keyboard.

how to fix dead keys on a yamaha keyboard

If you have an external keyboard plugged in, make sure you pick the internal one. In the resulting dialog box, click the Driver tab, then click Uninstall. When the uninstall is complete, your keyboard will definitely not work.

how to fix dead keys on a yamaha keyboard

But when you reboot, Windows will automatically reinstall the original driver. Hopefully, this will solve your problem. If only a few keys fail, dirt and dust may be the culprits.

So try cleaning the keyboard. Shut down the PC. Use the thin straw that came with the can to direct bursts of air under the keys. Concentrate on the keys giving you the most trouble. In addition to technology, freelance journalist and sometimes humorist Lincoln Spector is a passionate cinephile who writes the Bayflicks. Ultrabooks Chromebooks Laptop Accessories. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Related: Laptops.Hello some of the keys on my keyboard stop sounding. Hello, my yamaha keyboard stops playing after about 10 minutes. To start it again I need to hit the middle leg of the transistor with one of the wire.

What could be the problem? My keybord has aproblem when i press one key it sounds two notes extra both one note up and the other one lower at the same time. Hi ser, my yamaha keyboard has aproblim, when I turn on thers com's up unexpected error what are whe doing them. Show 25 more comments. Steffen tekki.

You can use the guide for troubleshooting the YPG provided by ifixit here. There is a section labeled "Keys don't produce sound". If you need the manual for this keyboard, it is here. If those keys which do not produce a sound are somehow hanging are lower than the other keys and are somehow slack, the problem is related to broken keys.

They need to be replaced. In this case, you can use this guide here on ifixit. Thank you.

how to fix dead keys on a yamaha keyboard

Will DGX replacement keys work? My problem is that a Db key is a bit loose amd wiggly. It will often play louder than its supposed to. This tutorial is of my exact keyboard. Is there a tutorial for when fixing all of one key across the entire keyboard?

Every other key works great. Jimmy Nguyen. My yamaha dgx had the same problem too, except, if I pressed it lightly, it sounded as if I were pounding on it. And the bad thing is, it happened to 14 notes, which were the same G 's and the same D's. But if I press on it normally, it doesn't make a sound. Do u think it has something to do with dust or the rubber pads?

If it's all the same notes it's more likely to be the connections from the board to the main board. Or a crack in the track from the pad to the connector on the contact board. I had a problem exactly like this on my yamaha psr I have a roland Ep 9 digital piano and the problem was the keys were very hard to press whenever i started playing and there was a clicking noise while pressing them. These keys use grease to be played smoothly, so i decided to repair it and share it with you because I have heard that sharing is caring I hope i could do the justice to teach you how to disassemble and repair in detail.

Unscrew all the screws from the back side of the keyboard an keep all the screws in a bowl or something you find is safe for screws as you will need them while re-assembling. Gently pull one end of the strip at a time and then second and remember the position of the strip ends. This part can be separated as follows from the entire piano. Just remove it as in the image. And while reassembling use double coated tape and press it hard. Carefully remove the springs of the keys as shown in the image use a tweezer to hold the spring and keep them in a secure box or whatever you find is safe so you don't lose it.

Now Disassemble a white key and as shown in the image you will see old and sticky grease there which causes the trouble of clicking noise and hard to press keys.

Remove the old grease with Isopropyl alcohol swabs which i used and apply new grease to make them work smoothly. After applying the grease reassemble every thing from end to start and enjoy smooth piano playing. I hope you will like it. Question 1 year ago on Introduction. Reply 1 year ago.

How to diagnose and fix a dead laptop keyboard

Try to reset it to factory settings by reading the manual, or if it doesn't help than there could be serious problem, I can't suggest anything until I see it for myself.

I heard that, the normal grease petroleum product may damage the plasticis that correct? I am using Korg M3 and M Question 1 year ago on Step 6. I have a Roland EP-9 and most of the key metal weight units have detached themselves from the keys and adhered themselves to various parts of the keyboard. Also will isopropyl alcohol dissolve the hardened 'grease' it looks and acts more like melted plastic with a purplish hue? What glue or item do you recommend to reinstall the key weights?

Answer 1 year ago. Question 2 years ago on Step 6.

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Hello Mo, I have disassembled my EP -9 as directed. There was a red grease adhesive, the consistency of strawberry jam all over. I cleaned this from the keys and all surfaces.

There is also a white grease on the black rubber stoppers. I assume this is the lubricant I am to redo.

How do you fix Dead Keys on a keyboard

Can you tell me the purpose of the red adhesive? Also, I have noted that some of the white keys have lost their weights.

I think this is where the red adhesive came from. I am seeking a solution to hold the weights in both the Black and white keys. Answer 2 years ago.In the past few months, the E-flat and A keys stop working in all octaves. If I jiggle the keyboard or move it around a little, both notes usually resume playing. This is happening with greater frequency in the past few weeks. Can you recommend something to fix this? Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments.

Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Search This Site:. Click here to learn how to play keyboards and piano with Piano For All. Go here to buy a Yamaha keyboard. Sep 19, Rating Diane's Trick worked for me too! Banging on the back NEW by: Bekah I was having issues with all of the A keys not making any sound on my ezi yamaha keyboard. I did not want to take it apart, so I banged on the back as suggested.

It worked!

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WOW I am so happy. NEW by: Steph Just seen all the guys below with the same problem as me. All of a sudden C and F not working in all octaves. Does anyone know how to fix it. Aug 05, Rating Just wack it NEW by: Anonymous Bro, I'm not gonna lie we just friggen banged our fists on it out of frustration and the thing works after 3 months broken. Jun 08, Rating More than dirt by: Anonymous My dgx I checked for continuity from the contact all the way to the DM circuit board ribbon cable.

How to Repair Sticky Keys of Digital Piano

I was able to locate a new circuit board for the lower half. Swapped it out and the exact same keys still not working. There was no change in Behavior.

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C and F in all octaves. Come on at full volume then sustain and fade out then don't sound again. Factory resets don't fix. This was my 3rd yamaha keyboard.

Over 2, each. I believe i'm through with Yahama. May 15, Rating Has to be dirty contacts, but it works! My Motif is back to doing the same thing, i. Who knows how many others are out there who haven't found this page. Any suggestions? Reading everyone else's suggestion tipping and hair dryer it makes me feel like all these suggestions are related to dirty contacts and moving dust around usually has fixed the problems, but I have never disassembled the keyboard.

May 12, Rating Sadly this fix is not working by: Aaron i cannot get this fix to work for me. I have tested continuity from the key contact to the end of ribbon cable that connects to the relay board. I have tone.I bought a keyboard on EBAY in "excellent" condition, yet it has 4 dead keys at the top end. How do you fix them? It's a YPT and likely very out of warranty. Average Rating.

Repairing silicon rubber membrane contacts; Installation instructions

Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Search This Site:.

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Click here to learn how to play keyboards and piano with Piano For All. Go here to buy a Yamaha keyboard. How can repair this? I played all the notes but 12 keys were completely dead on the top. I dont know how to fix this sort of problem,I seek help. Sep 17, Rating very useful!!! Dec 21, Rating Good help by: Anonymous Wow! Amazing I just did it. The dead keys r working after I blew the keys with my vacuum cleaner with mild air Thanks a lot.

Dec 25, Rating thank you for all your help by: Anonymous Thanks for your great help on this. It's very useful for me, and I bet for others too!! Dec 24, Rating Compressed air can worked! I tried to spray between and around keys first but that didn't work. I had to flip it over and take out all of the screws, then pull off the back cover.

Then I had to unscrew the section of the keys where the issue was. I was able to slide out the one section and hit it with the air. After that the key was live again. Remove the bottom of the complete keyboard assembly. There are 2 screws hidden under the battery area in addition to those surrounding the keyframe.

Once the unit is open, you will see some long phenolic strips, usually with diodes on them, that span the length just behind the keys. You need to remove these by springing the 4 or 5 plastic clips that hold them in. The underside of the phenolics has the contacts-little zig-zag etchings. Clean these with a pencil eraser. Under the strips is a rubber membrane with the other half of the contacts. They can be carefully removed.

Clean these as well. Do not use a solvent as this may dissolve the rubber.


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